Versacarry Transforms Manufacturing Facility To Make Masks And Shields To Help Fight Coronavirus

I’ve given this company a fair amount of sh*t over the years, mainly for their first product (please stop selling this), but this move helps to redeem themselves in my book by a few steps.

From their website:

Versacarry® Transforms Manufacturing Facility to Help Fight COVID-19

Versacarry®, primarily known for producing premium leather holsters, is joining the fight to help stop the novel Coronavirus. Effective immediately, the plant will begin switching part of its manufacturing capacity from making firearm accessories, to widely needed medical items, such as face shields and masks.

With weekly output expected at 20,000+ of each product, these will be sent to the front line of this pandemic war and into the hands of hospital personnel, EMT, police officers, firefighters and others facing the virus on a day to day basis.

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