[WARNING: GRAPHIC VIDEO] Gun Free NYC Can’t Save These People From Vicious Dog Attack



The video above was uploaded to YouTube yesterday, and shows a horrific scene: A man on the ground, being viciously attacked by two dogs… and the dog’s owner has zero control over them the entire time.

The video goes on to show the dogs attacking other people after they were temporarily pushed away from their first victim. At one point in the video, there are 14 adults in frame… yet they’re all still powerless to successfully intervene. And the owner is absolutely useless. Instead of trying to pull them back, he should have been giving them hard kicks to whatever area of them he could. Sure they’re his dogs, but something’s gotta give.

The details of what happened following the incident are difficult to track down. According to the uploader, the dogs were tranquilized and the owner arrested. We’ll try to find out more information to see what’s transpired, and we hope the victims are able to quickly heal from their injuries.

If you’re ever in a horrible situation such as this one, the only way out is to fight with all you have. Dogs in that state of mind are not going to stop fighting. Period. Be prepared to be bit, and bit hard.

Yet another Why I Carry reason.

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