Road Rage Caught On Camera: Biker Gets Shot In The Back After Kicking Man’s Side-View Mirror

If there’s one thing we all know, it’s that road range can get ugly in a hurry. That’s exactly what happened when these two men went at it on the streets of Brazil.

The person who fired the shot was a police officer, and the person shot was a biker who felt he’d been cut off and/or almost hit.

Take a look at the video below and judge for yourself, but I can tell you this for certain; It’s always better to simply walk (or on this case, ride) away.

Gabriel Rego, 38, got into a heated exchange with the off-duty cop as he felt he cut him off. The biker kicks out before speeding off only to slump to the floor moments later with a bullet in the back. The victim screams ‘I’m going to die’ and was rushed to hospital for emergency surgery. He may never walk again.

I’m not defending the actions of the off-duty police officer. That was a bad shoot. A terrible one, in fact. There’s a time and place for drawing your firearm and pulling the trigger, and this wasn’t –and never will be– it.

There are a lot of ‘lesson learned’ comments on the above video, and it’s not right that the man kicked the mirror, but potentially ending someone’s life when yours isn’t in danger is a bad call.

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