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Felon Pops Hood And Pulls Out Gun During Road Rage Incident, Is Shot Dead By Off-Duty Officer Now Facing Heat

The off-duty officer in this story isn’t facing charges, but that doesn’t stop people talking about right and wrong.

The incident started over a parking spot. So trivial, yet small things will set some people off. The two exit their vehicles and start a verbal altercation. It turns bad in a hurry when the man in the white shirt, a convicted felon, pops the hood of his car and retrieves a stowed-away gun.

He takes that gun and moves in the direction of the other man, who is an off-duty police officer. That officer sees the threat approaching and draws his gun, firing several shots but missing his target.

That target is now running in the opposite direction, and that’s where this situation gets a little hairy. Ultimately, the aggressor was shot in the back of the head as he was seemingly running across the street.

The off-duty officer stated that he felt the man was still a threat, as he still had the gun in his hand and could have been trying to take up a new position to fight.

Give this one a watch and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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