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Burglar Sent Packing After Armed Homeowner Opens Fire

WASHINGTON COUNTY, OR — When one homeowner’s life was threatened by the presence of an intruder in his kitchen, a knife fight ensued.

The suspect was shot once, but not with a bullet. The homeowner was able to catch the crook on film and fire off a shot at the criminal who, despite having a knife at the start of the scuffle, was unable to inflict anything more than superficial wounds on the homeowner.

As The Oregonian reports:

The burglary in the 9300 block of Southwest 171st Avenue in Cooper Mountain was reported around 12:35 p.m., the county sheriff’s office said.

The homeowner walked in on the stranger in the kitchen. The burglar grabbed a knife and a scuffle ensued, the sheriff’s office said. At some point, the homeowner took a picture of the intruder and fired at the man at another point.

The homeowner sustained minor injuries, the sheriff’s office.

It’s not clear if the suspect was shot, the sheriff’s office said. He is described as appearing in his 20s, with a thin or medium build. Investigators believe he may have been driving away in an older model blue full-sized SUV.

Now, don’t get me wrong — it’s extremely impressive that a homeowner was able to both snap a picture and produce a handgun and fire off a shot before his or her attacker was able to land anything more significant than a flesh wound or two.

That being said, should you be placed in the same situation: dude. Take the shot before you snap the photograph.

I totally appreciate the sentiment, but before you worry about catching the bad guy later, eliminate the immediate threat. I would much prefer you be alive to report on a criminal’s behavior than have to get it from a phone.

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