Burglars Decides To Try A Texas Gun Store – Time For A Career Change!

HOUSTON, TEXAS — The owner of a gun store in North Houston shot and killed a robber trying to break into his Class 3 firearms store.  There were apparently two robbers in this but one of them managed to escape.  The other one wasn’t so lucky.  According to KHOU, the break-in occurred around 3 am and the gun store owner responded with deadly force.

Not much is being released about this story because it’s a pretty open and shut case.  Unlike the burglary at Al’s Army-Navy Store in Orlando, these burglars weren’t at all creative.

When will burglars realize gun stores are not easy targets?  More importantly, with the up-tick in loosened gun restrictions in Texas regarding the right to carry concealed and openly carry a firearm – you would think burglars would be MUCH more cautious about their trade.

We’ll update if more details emerge.  Hopefully the surviving burglar who escaped reconsiders his choice in career.  The other one can be considered “permanently retired”.

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