Cities Not Making Arrests For Certain Crimes During Coronavirus Scare; Including Burglary, Theft And Drug Charges

If you wonder why the US population is buying guns and ammo to the point where shortages are already being seen, here’s one example;

Essentially, the plan is to detain them and determine whether or not they’re a threat to the public. We’ll see how that goes, I guess.

Philly isn’t the only area doing this, either. As Dan Zimmerman over at The Truth About Guns reports, “Similar polices (including releasing jailed non-violent criminals) are being put in place in other cities including San FranciscoFort WorthDenverLos Angeles and more. Look the strategy to be employed by a city near you soon.”

I’m not saying that anarchy and chaos are going to fill our streets in the near future, but the way people have been reacting so far, it’s not completely off the table.

If someone is willing to fight you for a few rolls of toilet paper, imagine what they’d do if they run out of food or water.

The worst part is that we’re in the infancy stage of this pandemic here in the US, and only time will tell as to how this all plays out.

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