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Illinois Mayor Granted Powers Under Executive Order Allowing The Banning Of Gun And Ammo Sales

As we watch this ongoing scare with Coronavirus, many people are worried about what the near future holds.

Word came out that a Mayor of a town in Illinois was granted special powers via executive order, and one of those powers that could be used is to invoke a ban of the sale of firearms and ammunition.

Included in the executive order are ordinances that would give the city extraordinary powers to the Mayor. 

  • Violating parts of the Open Meetings Act
  • Ban sale of firearms and ammunition
  • Ban sale of any alcohol
  • Closing of all bars, taverns, liquor stores, etc
  • Ban sale or giving away of gasoline or other liquid flammable or combustible products in any container other than a gasoline tank permanently fixed to a motor vehicle
  • Direct the shutoff of power, water, gas, etc
  • Take possession of private property and obtain full title to same
  • Prohibit or restrict ingress and egress to and from the City

“The executive order allows the city to be flexible to properly respond to the emergency needs of our community. None of the options will necessarily will be implemented but are available in order to protect the welfare and safety of our community if needed,” Jeff Hamilton the City of Champaign’s Communications Manger told WAND-TV.

Via wandtv.com

While the banning of guns and ammo will probably not occur, it is a real possibility as the powers have already been granted.

That’s a scary thought, regardless of whether or not they’ll use the power.

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