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21-Year-Old Pizza Delivery Driver Shoots Carjacking Suspect On His First Day On The Job, Lives To See Day 2

CHESTNUT HILL, PENNSYLVANIA — On July 18, a 21-year-old pizza delivery man stopped an alleged carjacking and robbery attempt by two masked assailants. The delivery man, who was on his first day on the job, was reportedly threatened and ordered to surrender his money and vehicle.

This delivery driver had other ideas.

He managed to exit his car, confront one of the armed men, and fired two shots, according to Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Scott Small. A 23-year-old suspect was hit and subsequently underwent surgery at Einstein Medical Center, while the second suspect fled.

“It appears that this was a robbery carjacking. And our delivery man, the victim of the robbery, was able to pull his weapon. He was in a shootout with one of the perps. And that perp was shot in the lower back,” said Chief Inspector Scott Small.

The delivery man, who holds a concealed carry permit, was unharmed. The driver’s brother, who was on the phone with him during the incident, served as the sole witness.

This young man knows the importance of being prepared, and took the steps early on in life to get his permit, learn to shoot, and be ready to defend himself.

The investigation is ongoing.

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