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Three Thugs Run After Seeing The Delivery Driver They’re Targeting Is Armed

AKRON, OHIO — The presence of a firearm, in the majority of self-defensive situations, is enough to end the threat. The trigger isn’t pulled, no one dies, and everyone lives to see another day.

That exact thing happened, and could have saved this pizza delivery driver’s life when he was approached by three teens, and one of them began reaching inside their waistband.

At about 7 p.m., a 26-year-old driver for Papa John’s tells police he went to a house to make a delivery and realized it was vacant. Three teen males walked from behind the house toward the driver.

The driver tells police that one of the males began reaching for his waistband. The driver, who has a concealed carry permit, pulled out his handgun, causing the three suspects to run away, police say. No shots were fired.

via cleveland.com

The suspects got away, but police quickly linked this incident to a previous incident that happened a few days prior.

In that incident, strikingly similar events occurred. The big difference? The armed suspects were successful.

An earlier robbery occurred at about noon Monday on the 1100 block of Fourth Avenue in East Akron. A 30-year-old driver for Domino’s tells police he was robbed by two teen males, one armed with a handgun, when he tried to deliver a pizza to a vacant home. The suspects took cash and a bag with two pizzas.

If the first driver had a gun of his own, like the second one did, there’s a good chance that the second driver would have never been in that situation. It could have been enough, being faced with an armed citizen on their first attempt, to get them to change their ways.

I mean, here’s hoping.

In any case, good on the second driver for being proactive and carrying a firearm to defend himself against people who are allergic to jobs and making money the right way.

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