If You Worry About Printing, Know That I Carry In Places With Some Of The Most Advanced Security In The Country


“Printing” is a term used in the firearms industry that describes one’s ability to see the outline of a firearm that is being concealed. The firearm ‘prints’ onto an article of clothing such as a t-shirt.

Printing can be seen on the left side.

Some feel that printing is a big issue, while others don’t. The truth is, I used to be concerned with it before realizing that the overwhelming majority of people you come in contact with would never even notice.

Side note; the above image is a rather exaggerated example of printing.

Most people who have been carrying for a while have got a pretty good system down for themselves. What works for some won’t work for others. As an example, some people have no trouble concealing a 1911 in just shorts and a t-shirt, while others would never be able to pull this off. Many factors come into play with this, such as body type and clothing choices.

We should all be very mindful of printing, regardless of whether or not we feel someone will see it and notice it and actually understand what they’re looking at.

With all of that said, for years I have carried a firearm into locations with some of the tightest security and highest number of high-tech cameras on the planet; casinos.

Keep in mind that in some states, carrying a firearm into a casino is very much illegal. That’s not true for all states, however. I’ve never carried in a casino that made doing so illegal.

The point here is this: I have a system down that works for me, and doesn’t allow for printing based on my clothing choices and my movements.

In a casino environment, there are many cameras that cover every inch of the property, as well as trained security who are on the floor in a few seconds if they see something they don’t like.

My game of choice is blackjack, and I am cautious about the ways I move while sitting. If I lean over too far, I risk printing for the cameras. So, I sit up straight and keep my back as close to the back of the chair as possible.

Without going through an entire tutorial, you get the idea. Carrying a firearm inside casinos for years has never caused me any problems, because I am cautious and constantly paying attention to my movements.

And the thousands of always-viewed cameras have never flagged me, even with their trained viewers and high-tech technology.

If I can do this undetected, there is no reason that anyone should be afraid of a little printing while out and about during their daily routines. Still, it’s important to try and avoid printing, just because we’re going for the concealed look. Let’s not advertise it, even though the only people who would probably ever notice are people carrying guns themselves.

Let me reiterate that I never carry into a casino in a scenario where it would be illegal to do so. This goes for all illegal locations, and I would never promote carrying your firearm into a place that could land you in trouble with the law.

All casinos that I’ve been to have a ‘no guns’ policy, but all are located in states where a sign doesn’t hold any legal weight. If I were ever to be confronted on property, however, I would need to leave or risk being arrested for trespassing.

Let’s hope that never happens.

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