[VIDEO] New Firearms from CZ-USA for 2020


Amidst the crowds,chaos and excitement of Shot Show, I make a point to visit the very busy CZ showroom. Between the CZ handguns and rifles and the Dan Wesson 1911’s and revolvers, there is enough there to stay a couple hours. My focus was to catch up on the new products for 2020. Zach, the CZ-USA marketing director, explained they have eight new firearms they are launching this year. Together, we made a video to capture the new guns.

Last year we saw CZ introduce the subcompact CZ P-10S and the full-size CZ P-10F. Each of them was a spin off from the compact size CZ P-10C. Therefore, CZ introduced no new handguns this year. On the other hand, Dan Wesson did with the incredible DWX models that combine the comfortable CZ aethstetics with the trigger action of a 1911. This pistol literally blew me away. Seriously, CZ ergonomics with a Dan Wesson single action 1911 trigger system is nothing short of amazing. The MSRP on that beauty is $1,799.


On the first day of Shot Show 2020, many shooters wanted to see what is new with the CZ Bren series. Thankfully for CZ Bren fans, CZ presented their NEW Bren MS carbine chambered in 5.56 NATO. That rifle is just what the doctor ordered. CZ claims it’s a first class rifle that is functionally excellent. Many wanted the Bren in .308 WIN but that may be coming in the future. Here’s to hoping!

To summarize, there are eight new offerings between CZ’s long guns and Dan Wesson’s handguns. These new handguns, rifles and shotgun did not disappoint the masses of CZ fans. Check out the video and let us know if you are interested in any of the new guns CZ-USA is launching this year.

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