Woman Shot By Neighbor As She Mowed Her Lawn, Husband Comes Out To Help And Is Also Shot


AURORA, INDIANA — A woman was mowing her lawn early Friday evening when her neighbor began shooting at her. When her husband came outside to see what was going on, he was also shot.

Brittany Black, 30, was pronounced dead at her home in the 9300 block of State Road 48 in Aurora, Indiana State Police said.

She and her husband were found shot outside their home about 7 p.m. Friday, police said. The man was taken to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center, where he was in critical condition Saturday.

Police said that Brittany Black was shot while mowing her lawn, and that her husband went to check on her, and was shot as well.

Terry Storey, the couple’s neighbor, was arrested at his home early Saturday morning and charged with murder and attempted murder.

While being arrested, Storey was resisting and battering one of the officers. It’s clear that this man has some demons he is facing, and should be locked up for a long time.

We promote and push carrying your firearm at home, and that includes being outside in your yard. This is, unfortunately, not the first story that we’ve covered where homeowners were victimized while in their yard. Some stories end with armed homeowners defending themselves. And other stories, unfortunately, end with someone getting killed at the hands of –in this case– a seemingly crazy neighbor.

While we don’t have any information on a back story, there may have been some type of feud between the two neighbors. In any event, something made Storey pull out a gun and shoot. Whether it was the result of a mental illness, a bad temper or something else, let’s keep the victim and her family in our thoughts, and be reminded of the importance of being armed as much as possible.

It’s a sad day when we cover these stories.

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