[VIDEO] Glock 43X VS Springfield Hellcat

It seems in the past couple years there has been a race to see which company can pack the most rounds in their subcompact handgun. Sig led the way with their small and light P365. They created a magazine that held an astonishing 10 rounds. Not to be outdone, Glock took their existing Glock 43’s six round single stack magazine and created a staggered stack 10 round mag. They added a few more features and called it the G43X. 

This fall, Springfield Armory jumped into the game and introduced their new addition to the 9mm subcompact race. The Springfield Hellcat is said to offer the most rounds (11) than any other pistol in its subcompact class. The Hellcat is loaded with features that suits the CCW market just fine. It also comes with a slightly larger 13 round magazine in the case.

Just when it seems that all the handgun rage is heading right into the full-size 10mm camp, the high capacity subcompact 9mm pistol once again reigns supreme. Shooters are clamoring over which one is best. We are used to seeing Glock versus Sig, but Springfield? Nobody saw the S.A. Hellcat coming. Now what the hell to do?

With this review, I decided to head to the range and compare the Glock 43X versus the Springfield Hellcat. In this short, one take video, I spoke about the features of each pistol and shot a mag at targets 10 yards away. Let’s face it, both of these are quality made and well built handguns. They both enjoy a fine reputation of small, lightweight and reliable pistols.  

Which of these handguns would you choose? Check out the video below and let us know your thoughts and experiences.

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