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Gun-Toting Wife Comes To Husband’s Rescue During Armed Assault, Fends Off Two Attackers

HOUSTON, TEXAS — It’s good to have a spouse who you know will always have your back. In this case, the husband certainly picked the right woman. When things got deadly, his wife showed up and saved his life; risking her own life in the process.

Authorities say the woman’s husband was working outside of his house when he noticed a black four-door vehicle drive by his home slowly.

The man said the car made a U-turn and drove back towards his home and two men exited the vehicle and quickly ran up to him with guns.

The men then dragged him inside of his home and demanded money.

The man’s wife heard the commotion and grabbed a gun. She came out of the bedroom and pointed the gun at the two men, who then turned and shot towards her and ran away. The woman was not injured.

Via ABC13

I think it is a reasonable expectation that many people in the wife’s situation would have simply called 911 and waited. She has no idea what specifically is happening. She knows there are men threatening her husband for money and that’s it. She doesn’t know how many there are, if they are armed, or what kind of weapons they have.

Instead of calling 911, hiding, and waiting for police, the wife took action. She grabbed a firearm they had in the house, and ran out to rescue her husband. She got the surprise on the two bad guys in the house and pointed her weapon at them. In response, they fired at her.

Fortunately, the bad guys didn’t have very good aim. After discharging their weapons, the bad guys didn’t want to stick around for a gunfight. They fled out of the house and back into their vehicle.

The husband suffered minor injuries from being manhandled and dragged into the house, but otherwise he was alright. Thanks to his wife, he escaped the situation relatively unharmed. Had she not been home, or had she decided to not actively engage the attackers, who knows what fate her husband would have met.

It is great to see this family prepared for these kind of rare events. They had weapons in the house, and were confident enough to use them when they had to. I think the husband owes the wife a very nice dinner, at the very least!

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