*WARNING: EXTREMELY GRAPHIC* Father Survives Horrific Bear Attack After Son Uses Gun To Stop It

We can safely file this under The Most Graphic Thing We’ve Ever Shared.

In a show of resilience of the human body, and the determination to live, a father beats the odds after a terribly horrific attack by a brown bear in Alaska.

This incident took place in 2016 on April 15th. The father was out with his son when they encountered the bear. Things turned dark quickly, but the son had a gun and was able to take the bear down.

If he hadn’t, the father was not going to survive.

WARNING: THE IMAGES AND VIDEOS BELOW ARE EXTREMELY GRAPHIC. PROCEED WITH CAUTION. This is not our typical warning. These images are truly horrific. Please use discretion.

There are 7 images and video in total.

If you are having trouble scrolling through the media above, click here to be brought directly to the Instagram post.

The gun used to take down the bear was a Ruger Super Redhawk Alaskan .454 and the bullet was a 360gr Buffalo Bore round, all carried in a Diamond D Custom Leather holster.

The photos of recovery are truly amazing, and the drive of the human body and mind to survive is nothing short of incredible.

bbbalaskan has a nice hashtag along with the post that everyone needs to see: #safealifecarryahandgun

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