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Armed Store Clerk Shoots Suspect 8 Times, Ending Dramatic Police Chase Across Two States

KINGSLAND, GEORGIA — This story is wild, folks. A high-speed police chase that went across two states and five counties ended with a dramatic showdown that you’d think could only happen in the movies. But this wasn’t Hollywood – this was real life.

It all started when Quinntavus Jordan decided to rob a Shell gas station in Flagler County, Florida. He made off with a measly $90 in cash, but that wasn’t enough. Jordan then demanded items from the store before hightailing it out of there.

Cops were alerted to the robbery and immediately set out a BOLO to surrounding agencies. Jordan’s car was spotted heading northbound on I-95 in St. Johns County, Florida. The Florida Highway Patrol, along with local agencies, followed him through their counties until he reached the Florida/Georgia line.

That’s when the Camden County Sheriff’s Office took over the chase. The Kingsland Police Department deployed a stop stick to stop Jordan’s vehicle, which then made him go into a nearby Friendly Express and demanded the keys to the clerk’s car. Jordan then crashed the stolen car through the front of the store and got into a fight with the clerk.

But here’s where things get really interesting. The clerk pulled out his handgun and shot the suspect not once, not twice, but eight times. That’s right – EIGHT times. Jordan was taken into custody and rushed to the hospital, where he’s currently fighting for his life.

Flagler County Sheriff Rick Staly was quick to commend the brave Georgia store clerk who took down this criminal mastermind. “If he survives his injuries, he should spend a long time in prison,” Staly said.

Folks, this is why the Second Amendment is so important. When seconds count, the cops are minutes away. It’s up to responsible gun owners like this clerk to protect themselves and their communities from the likes of Quinntavus Jordan.

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