Woman Brutally Attacked By Group Of Girls, But She’s Carrying…

FORT GREENE, NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK — Officers were able to arrest two of the teenage girls who brutally ambushed and attacked a 51-year-old woman on her way to work at 4:30 a.m. The woman was able to defend herself after the teenagers overcame her and knocked her to the ground.

How did she defend herself? With a gun.

This comes as a surprise considering most of New York City is a veritable “gun free zone” but we’re increasingly seeing that just because guns aren’t normally allowed, criminals will still use numbers and force to get theirs.

The police blotter published through the Brooklyn Paper suggest that the teenagers were taken in by police but the woman was left alone. It can only be concluded that she either had one of the very rare permits to carry offered through the city or they simply were more concerned with the teenagers.

Younger and younger. That’s what we keep seeing. The girls who perpetrated this attack were no more than 13 years old according to NYPD. Their target was her purse.

These girls were willing to physically assault a woman for likely no more than was contained in her purse. If she didn’t have a gun, she likely would have lost her purse and been left stranded and beaten in the streets.

When the threat of the law holds no more weight, it’s only those with force of arms that remain to contest the will of the lawless.

Thank goodness this woman made it out with only minor injuries related to the assault. Those kids will be charged with assault but, considering they’re juveniles, we can expect them back on the streets in no time.

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