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After Threatening To Kill His Son, Dad Attacks Home Invader, Wrestles Gun Away, And Shoots Him

COBB COUNTY, GEORGIA — A good parent will do anything for the safety of their children. This isn’t a unique human condition, as it can be seen throughout nature. Threaten to hurt or kill a child, and fear the wraith of mom or dad.

“He aggressively, and violently, with evil intentions, entered into the home,” said [Sgt. Louis] Defense.

[Antoine] Brooks demanded money and threatened a man, his wife and their son, police said. According to the warrant, he said if the parents did not meet his demands, “The child would be shot.”

Defense told Jose the boy’s father fought back. “He was able to wrestle a weapon away from him and use it against his attacker,” said Defense.

The father fired multiple shots and injured Brooks-Webb.

Via WSB Atlanta

What an incredible story of love and bravery. Dad simply was not going to allow these thugs to hurt his child. Even if that meant putting himself in harms way, he was going to make sure his son was safe.

Consider the fact that there were two home invaders. Dad attacked one, taking the chance that the other could simply shoot him or his family. Yet dad managed to get the gun from the invader, and get accurate shots off. Once dad had the gun and was firing, the bad guys fled the scene.

If there was not a firearm in the house before, let’s hope dad sees this experience as a good reason to be armed at home. If such a thing happens again, he won’t need to fight someone for a gun. He will have one of his own.

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