Synagogue Threatened With Bomb Attack, Rabbi’s Response: “This Is NOT A Gun Free Zone”

PUEBLO, COLORADO — It’s unfortunate that we still deal with things like bomb threats or threats of violence against peaceful places like religious institutions. However, it was the wisdom of our nations Founding Fathers that gave us the Second Amendment and the ability to defend ourselves against such aggressors. This synagogue in Colorado is doing just that.

A small, historic congregation in southern Colorado, Temple Emanuel in Pueblo, suddenly was thrust onto the national stage with the threat of a white supremacist bomb attack. Federal authorities say the temple was targeted for an attack by an avowed white supremacist, who planned to use pipe bombs and dynamite.

Rabbi Berdie Becker was asked by CBS4’s Rick Sallinger, “Will it change anything?” “Yes, security will be beefed up even more,” Rabbi Becker replied. They already have an armed guard, some members of the congregation carry guns, and surveillance cameras will be added.

A sign posted in a window now states, “This is NOT a gun free zone.”

Via 4CBS Denver

Kudos to the congregation of Temple Emanuel for taking their safety seriously, and the willingness to defend their own lives by force if necessary. Not only does the Temple have armed guards, but members of the congregation are also carrying concealed firearms. The final cherry on top of this one is the sign on the window that states “This is NOT a gun free zone.”

These people will not be intimidated into leaving the area, or even from coming to weekly service. They have taken a proactive approach to their safety by arming themselves and making it known to any bad guys in the community that they are not helpless victims. In an age where irrational fear of guns has become the norm, and thinking a sign will stop bad guys, its refreshing to see a group of people make it clear that they will not go quietly into the night.

At my local church, we also have armed men at the doors and many parishioners carry. Our priest also carries during service. He has made it know that if shooting starts and we see him duck in front of the alter, he is not hiding, he is just reloading.

It is everyone and every groups responsibility to be able to protect themselves, and its good to see more groups like this preparing for the worst possibilities.

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