Stocking Stuffers To Get For Your Favorite Gun Owner, With Links To Some Great Deals

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Ahh, the holidays. It’s a time for family gathering, great food, time off of work (for some), and spending money on things we don’t really need.

Unless, of course, it’s guns, ammo and accessories.

There’s a rule here, and be sure not to forget it; even though something may not fit inside the stocking, it doesn’t mean it’s not considered a stocking stuffer. It’s called an overflow stocking, and gun owners love them.

First up, and many people’s favorite: Ammunition.

Around the holidays, you can find some amazing deals on ammunition for all calibers desired.

Extra magazines, anyone?

Just like ammo, it’s tough to find a gun owner who says they own too many magazines. Just like ammo, you’ll find some great deals on magazines as well.

When someone pulls a holster out of a stocking, they’re probably going to be pretty excited!

As a special note with holsters, make sure to ask a few questions to your favorite gun owner to see what they like –and don’t like– in a holster.

While you’re shopping around, make sure to check out these holsters for consideration.

Red Dot Sights are becoming extremely popular, especially with the concealed carry crowd.

Enhanced sights, in general, will be a warmed welcome to a gun owner. You can take a look at a great selection of firearm sights here.

If you’ve got the cash, dropping some dough on a new firearm is sure to put a big smile on any gun owner’s face.

Nothing says ‘I Love You’ quite like a factory lubed firearm, because every gun owner is going to appreciate a new gun off the line. Check out these deals on firearms to get you started!

BONUS: Bundles!!

From time to time, you can find great bundles that end up saving you a lot of money. Real examples of these are below, and these particular bundles are extremely popular:

1,000 rounds of 5.56 and 10 PMAG’s – $359.99

Single gun case and 7 PMAG’s – $89.99

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