Ruger Security-9 9mm semi-auto pistol

Shooting the New Ruger Security-9 [SHOT Show 2018 Range Day]


Want a full-size handgun for home defense but don’t have a lot of disposable income to drop on a pistol? Ruger is pretty sure they have just what you’re looking for. Their new Security-9 9mm semi-auto is virtually the same size, weight and capacity as a GLOCK 19 or a Smith & Wesson M&P9 Compact…but will run you $200 less.

Gun nuts took note when Ruger announced the new hammer-fired model just before Christmas. With a name that harkens back to their dearly departed Security-Six .357 magnum, the new Security-9 is meant to provide homeowners an affordable way to keep 15+1 rounds right there on the nightstand should the need ever arise.

We were anxious to give the new gun a go at Range Day. Very GLOCK-like is the sight system Ruger chose with the familiar U-shape at the rear. Not so GLOCK-like is the presence of a small-ish frame-mounded safety on the left side. Is a safety-less model in Ruger’s future? They wouldn’t (or couldn’t) say.

Also not GLOCK-like is the Security-9’s ergonomics. In short, they’re great. Even someone with smaller hands like mine can easily reach the trigger without feeling like he’s holding onto a brick.

In short, from the few rounds we were able to launch at Range Day, we came away impressed. It’s hard not to note when Ruger’s offering in the Security-9 for a full two Benjamins less than the market leaders. Score one for Ruger.


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