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Homeowner Calls 911 To Report Burglary, Burglar Calls 911 To Report Being Shot

PORT CHARLOTTE, FLORIDA — A homeowner defended themselves after someone broke into their home, sending them running down the street with a bullet wound to the back.

The homeowner called 911 to report the incident. Police were sent to the home and while they were interviewing the homeowner, they received another 911 call from someone seeking medical assistance.

That second 911 call came from the burglar who had just been shot.

The sheriff’s office was first called by the homeowner around 7pm Thursday. The homeowner told deputies that a woman named Jessica had forced her way inside a home on the 100 block of Strasburg Drive in Port Charlotte, had fought with the homeowner and only ceased when the homeowner fired a shot from their handgun, hitting the woman in the lower left back.

The suspect fled and deputies were speaking to two victims inside the home when they got another call, this time for medical assistance. The call came from 40-year-old Jessica Gutzler in the area of Strasburg Drive and Seaton Avenue, less than half a mile away from the home invasion.

Gutzler was taken to the hospital. Deputies say based on evidence, it was clear Gutzler knew the homeowner, had gone there to get into a fight and was the person shot by the homeowner.

via mysuncoast.com

This is one of those stories where you just have to scratch your head and wonder ‘why?’. Of course the bad person in any story doesn’t want to be shot, but that’s a consequence that comes with breaking into someone else’s home.

Like all of the self defense stories that we cover, it’s good to hear that the intended victim wasn’t injured, and was able to successfully defend themselves against a person who was looking to do them harm.

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