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[VIDEO] Woman Releases Mag On Attacker’s Gun, Then Husband Comes Out Of House And Lights Him Up

Teamwork played a part in this incident, and maybe a little luck was thrown in with it.

A woman and others were just arriving home when an armed man came up to the driver’s door and tried to carjack them.

The woman driver goes for the man’s gun, which isn’t always the best move. However, during that grab, it would seem that she was able to hit the magazine release on the gun. A second or two later and we see the magazine drop to the ground.

This means that he might still have one in the chamber, and maybe is able to fire that round. Depending on the gun, however, it could be completely useless with the magazine out.

In any event, this wasn’t the end of the incident. A man inside the home was alerted of the trouble and came out, gun in hand. He waits just a brief moment before firing on the armed man, who is seen laying on the ground after being shot.

The outcome of this incident isn’t known, but it looks like all the good guys and gals made it out alright. As for the armed carjacker, his fate is unknown.

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