Four Armed Men Try To Rob Casino, Armed Employee Fights Back

EDEN, NORTH CAROLINA — Two of the four men had already robbed a convenience store earlier that night, and now they were going for a much bigger score. A small local casino in Eden, North Carolina called “The Vault” was their target. A quick internet search of this place reveals that earlier this year one armed man robbed the place and took off with a nice haul of cash. These four weren’t so lucky.

Around 11:30 p.m. Saturday, police responded to The Vault gaming business at 203 E. Meadow Rd. after being told about an armed robbery.

Officers say the suspects entered The Vault with guns. One of the suspects and an employee fired at each other, and the suspect was hit, police say.

The suspects reportedly ran from the business and fled to the Martinsville area in Virginia.

Via Fox8

It appears the establishment got a little wiser since their previous armed robbery earlier in the year. This time, when men with guns came to steal their money, an armed employee was the equalizer. The unidentified employee exchanged gunfire with the robbers, hitting and wounding one of them.

The four bad guys took off, running for their lives. Since the robbery attempt, all four have been arrested. The wounded robber spent time in the hospital but they are expecting a full recovery so he can enjoy his time behind bars.

Police are not charging the employee who used their firearm as it was an act of self defense. Businesses, especially ones that have a lot of cash around, should seriously consider armed employees. If they can’t afford a professional security person, they should at least make company policy on carrying a firearm at work friendly, and encourage their employees to exercise their constitutional right to carry while on the job.

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