Homeowner Returned Fire After Two Thugs Broke In And Shot Him — And It Likely Saved His Life


DURHAM, NORTH CAROLINA — Two home invasion suspects are in custody after violently breaking into a man’s home and shooting him. He was able to return fire and injure both of them. One is still in the hospital and the other has been released from the hospital and is currently in jail awaiting trial.

According to ABC News 11, Kenneth Atwater and Saquawn Williams, both 24 years of age, have been charged with attempted first-degree murder, assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill inflicting serious injury, felony breaking and entering and felony conspiracy. Atwater is already in jail and Williams will join him after he gets out of the hospital.

If that homeowner had not been able to access a gun and return fire, he likely would have been dead. That is no exaggeration. He was shot in the opening volley but is ability to fight back and neutralize the threat is likely the only reason this story didn’t turn much more tragic.

This is a nightmare scenario when it comes to a home invasion. In most of the home invasion stories we cover, the burglars don’t always go straight to trying to murder the homeowner in cold blood. This story, however, is not one of those.

It’s pretty evident both of these men came in with the intent to murder the home owner. Thankfully, he was prepared. It’s a moment to pause and consider what any of us would do in a similar situation.

As for both of these suspects, once the trial is over, there’s not much chance either of them are going to get out of prison for quite some time.

The homeowner is still in serious condition. There’s nothing easy or light about gunshot wounds. He got caught flat-footed in his own home. If he took rounds, he’ll likely need a bit of time to make a full recovery. Definitely our thoughts and prayers are with him.

We love it when the good guy wins and the bad guys lose. The reality of a gun battle at close range is nobody really wins. If that’s all the more reason you need to keep that gun close at-hand while you’re at home, even better. When it’s your family, your home, and your own livelihood depending on you surviving, give yourself the best chance possible. Train regularly, carry everyday, and keep that gun close when you’re home.

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