Poll And Commentary On ‘Round In The Chamber Or Not’

I’ve been following the page A Good Guy With A Gun since close to the beginning, and noticed a poll that they did over the last few days.

The question: To Carry Chambered, Or Not?

Out of 1,300 votes, here’s how things ended:

Since the beginning of Concealed Nation, we’ve always encouraged people to carry with a round in the chamber, and have shown what can happen if you don’t on many occasions. While it’s more practical and safer to carry with a round in the chamber, there are still those who choose not to. They all have their reasons, and we shouldn’t push them down for the choice.

AGGWAG said in a comment on the poll;

…and that’s exactly it.

We’ll never stop the suggestion of carrying with a round in the chamber vs an empty chamber, but we also won’t tell people they’re stupid for carrying with that chamber empty.

At least they’re carrying, and maybe one day they’ll come around to the idea of taking that last step closer to even more preparedness.

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