UPDATE: Mass Shooting in Virginia Beach leaves 12 Dead, 4 Injured; Suspect Shot And Killed By Police

A 9:30 PM press conference revealed additional information;

  • 4 officers responded quickly to the incident and upon entering the building, engaged the suspect. A lengthy gun battle took place, and the suspect was eventually shot and killed by one of the officers.
  • A 12th victim died of their injuries at or on the way to the hospital.
  • 4 victims remain in surgery.
  • Police recovered a .45 caliber handgun with multiple extended magazines .
  • No information was released as to whether or not the suspect purchased the firearm legally.
  • The suspect was an active employee of the city.
  • The names of the victims is not being released yet, as some families have not been notified.
  • The name of the suspect is known to police, but that information isn’t yet available.


VIRGINIA BEACH, VIRGINIA — A lone gunman walked into a municipal building in Virginia Beach, of which he is said to have been a long-time employee, and opened fire on co-workers.

The incident happened today around 4 pm local time at the Virginia Beach Municipal Center .

The shooter was a current longtime public utility worker, Cervera said. The names of the gunman and the victims were not released. Police did not describe a possible motive for the attack.

via Fox News

The suspect is said to have entered building 2, which houses planning, public works, and public utilities, among other departments. Once inside, reports say that he fired at multiple employees on multiple levels of the building.

WAVY’s Andy Fox reports that multiple city sources say the suspect, who is now deceased, is a disgruntled former city employee who was fired on Thursday, and multiple people are feared to be dead following the shooting. The latest died at Sentara Norfolk General Hospital, Andy Fox reports. However official number of causalities has not been confirmed at this time, and the situation remains active.

via wavy.com

Security told everyone to get under their desks to hide.

The incident came to an end after police engaged the gunman, ultimately killing him.

One officer was shot during the battle, but his bulletproof vest saved his life.

At least 11 people are dead, with 6 others injured.

A second press conference is scheduled for 9:30 pm EST tonight.

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