Man Detained at Gunpoint for Grabbing Postwoman in Bizarre “Prank”


MODESTO, CA — A man was held at gunpoint and cited by local police after he came out of nowhere and grabbed a postal worker while she was working her route, The Modesto Bee reports.

The woman was understandably terrified, the assailant started to run, and then a concealed carrier pulled his firearm and detains him.

Whether that was too late of a reaction to be responsible or totally warranted, the attacker complied, and everyone went home safe.

According to The Modesto Bee:

The postal worker was delivering mail on Shaddox Avenue, northwest of Woodland Avenue and Carpenter Road, at about 12:40 p.m. when the man came up behind her and grabbed her arm, said Modesto Police Department spokeswoman Sharon Bear.

Bear said the woman screamed and the man ran off. However, a witness, who had the concealed weapons permit, pointed his gun at the suspect and told him to stop. Bear said the suspect complied, staying put until officers arrived.

The suspect told officers he was jogging in the area and decided to play a prank on the postal worker and didn’t intend to hurt her.

Bear said nothing contradicted his account and police had had no prior contact with him. Juan Melara, 19, was cited on suspicion of battery and released. The Postal Service is also conducting its own investigation into the incident.

The Modesto Bee

That doesn’t sound like any normal human being’s idea of a prank. It does, however, sound an awful lot like a would-be serious criminal experimenting with escalation for the first or second time.

That can’t be stated with certainty, but I’ll tell you what absolutely is certain — this weirdo won’t be doing it again for a good, long time.

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