Burglar Wants To Trade Rounds With Homeowner, Leaves With A 7.5 g Souvenir


SAVANNAH, GEORGIA — When one armed robber packed his gun for his night heist, he likely didn’t expect to use it. However, when the owner of the home he was burglarizing decided to fight back, that robber had to use his illegally obtained handgun to defend himself — something no armed criminal wants to do.

According to WSAV 3 News, the burglar and the homeowner exchanged rounds before the burglar decided to beat feet out of there. He was allegedly wounded and the Savannah police will be on the lookout for anyone stepping foot into a medical center with a gunshot wound.

The burglar was probably expecting to leave that house with a brand new television and other valuables. He ended up leaving with precisely 7.5 grams more lead and a new piercing instead.

It doesn’t pay to be an armed criminal in this society. Too many people have the opportunity to arm themselves and protect their family and property from wandering raiders.

As for the homeowner? He’s doing just fine. Defense has an advantage in an armed confrontation and he likely knew where to take cover and concealment to afford himself the best opportunity to put rounds on target.

Now, there’s the annoyance of patching holes in walls and repairing furniture… But when offered the option of getting shot in the dead of night by a violent stranger or patching a hole in the wall, I think we’d all rather make that trip to the local hardware store.

This is why we constantly urge concealed carriers and gun owners to stay prepared. Armed burglars can make their move at any time so it’s up to us to maintain a steadfast vigilance against those who have no value for the rule of law.

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