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Neighboring Son-In-Law Comes To Woman’s Rescue, Shooting Alleged Home Invader

WAGONER COUNTY, OKLAHOMA — A home invasion incident led to a man being shot twice by a nearby relative. The event unfolded when an intruder trespassed onto a woman’s property. She promptly alerted her son-in-law, who resides in close proximity. In response, the son-in-law confronted the intruder and subsequently shot him. The injured man received medical attention at a hospital and is expected to recover.

The Wagoner County Sheriff’s Department is currently investigating the case, aided by surveillance video.

This incident underscores the significance and importance of self-defense, highlighting how prompt and decisive action can protect individuals in the face of unexpected threats.

Had this woman not been able to call someone nearby for help, and not have any way to defend herself on her own, the title headline could have read much differently.

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