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Enraging Video: Man Opens Fire On Another Man At Gas Station, For No Apparent Reason

Our minds will tell us that there is always a reason for something like this to happen. What was this guy’s beef with the other guy? Surely, something had to have happened previously for this to occur.

After police caught up with the gunman, they’re clueless as to why this guy killed the other.

The meat of what is known from the video is this;

The suspect is seen sitting inside his vehicle at the gas pump. Another man is seen walking out of the gas station and is going to open his own car’s door, when the suspect gets out of his car and begins shooting at him.

When that’s not enough to satisfy the suspect, he advances and fires more shots. Then, to make sure that things are ended, he gets closer to the downed victim and delivers more shots.

The victim did not survive, and the suspect was captured eventually by police. No motive is known, but I’d be surprised if road rage wasn’t a factor here. It’d be interesting to see video that shows what time each of these two men arrived at the gas station. If it was at the same time, it may be a case of road rage.

But if it’s not, it shows just how evil people can be. I’m not justifying road rage by any means, but for something like this to happen with no motive behind it is a rare and scary thing.

Watch the surveillance video and learn some lessons;

Man, that’s a tough one to watch. Many things could have been attempted to try and stop this guy, such as the vehicle backing up…. just keep backing up and hit the gas. You can never be sure of what’s happening, though, and that truck driver could have had no idea that the bad guy was the one directly in his path.

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