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[VIDEO] When Compliance Works, And When It Doesn’t

I’ve always thought about different scenarios. Playing them through my head to see what decisions I’d make in those moments. Sometimes, compliance is the way to go, but of course this always isn’t the case.

It’s also up to each person. Are you going to comply with the bad guy’s demands, or are you going to fight? Knowing what you’re going to do before a situation happens is important, even if you don’t know all the details of what may actually happen.

But you have to ask yourself, as a person who carries a firearm; If I am not going to comply, am I prepared to get into the fight 100 percent? Once you make that decision, there’s no turning back.

Here are two examples in this category, as John from ASP walks us through. While the man in the 2nd video may have wanted to be compliant, he was caught off guard and reacted in a way that may have shown a hint of aggression or non-compliance.

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