[VIDEO] 2 Armed Citizens Join Forces; A CCW-In-Action Story So Crazy, You Have To Watch The Video For It To Make Sense

Some forces can’t be stopped unless met with deadly force, and that’s exactly what happened in this story.

A man with a history of violence and mental illness went on a rampage with his revolver, shooting people and car-jacking people, even shooting the locked ammo case at a Walmart because he was running low.

We reported on this incident back in June of last year, but had not seen a video of the events until now.

An armed citizen teamed up with another armed citizen to put a stop to this insane crime spree, and it was an effective ending to a bad story. They happened to be in the store when this was all going down, and didn’t hesitate.

Before [Tim] Day had arrived at Walmart, he had tried to carjack a vehicle in Olympia, crashed his own vehicle in Tumwater, and fired shots in the area to carjack another vehicle. During that shooting in the area of Tyee Drive and Israel Road Southwest, a 16-year-old boy’s thumb was grazed with a bullet, according to media reports.

via Local Media

Then, Day headed to Walmart.

Watch the surveillance video below and get a detailed account of what went down.

These two armed citizens knew that the other wasn’t the bad guy, and quickly came to a consensus that they needed to act in order to stop Day from shooting anymore people.

That decision saved lives and additional injuries, and we can only speculate as to what else could have happened if Day were able to continue on his rampage.

No armed citizen ever wants to shoot another person, or take a life, but these two realized the severity of the threat and took the necessary steps to end it.

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