Bad Shoot? Atlanta Squatter Shot And Killed Inside Home

ATLANTA, GEORGIA — A man was out of the country when his neighbor called to tell him that someone has been living inside his home. A victim of home break-ins before, the homeowner boarded up the home before he left.

After receiving the call, the homeowner sent a relative over to the house to investigate. When the relative arrived to the home, they found a person inside and then shot and killed that person.

Bad Shoot?

Perhaps. There are so many different avenues that could have been taken. Firstly, the homeowner could have taken his neighbor’s call seriously enough to simply call the police and ask them to go check on the house. Or, the relative could have called police to have them remove the squatter.

While we don’t know what transpired once the relative arrived to the home, it still seems pretty clear that given the circumstances and the warning from the neighbor, the best course of action would have been to call the police.

The definition of a bad shoot is one that occurs when no lives are in immediate danger, for the most part. A person illegally squatting in a home is not of immediate danger to anyone, and the need to draw and shoot shouldn’t have even been in the equation.

This is one of those cases where everyone was gone, so why not take the time to call police and have them go over to investigate? It’s not like someone was going to come home and unexpectedly find the squatter in the home.

If, however, someone were inside the home that was supposed to be there during an attempted squat, all bets are off once someone enters the home.

What do you think? Was this a bad shoot?

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