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Unarmed Man Routs 3 Armed Attackers, Killing 1 and Sending 2 Sprinting

RIVIERA BEACH, FL — A man shot and killed one of three robbers who accosted him outside of his house, hoping for some easy money.

They had guns. He didn’t, so he just grabbed one of theirs.


According to WPTV:

Riviera Beach police are investigating a fatal shooting that happened Friday night. Police responded to the scene of an attempted robbery in the 500 block of West 2nd Street after the shooting at approximately 10:15 p.m.

Arriving officers observed a deceased male lying in the driveway. He was later identified as 21-year-old Junis Lewis, Jr. Shortly afterwards, officers were approached by a man who identified himself as the victim and the shooter.

The man told police that three unknown men attempted to rob him at gunpoint in front of his residence. According to the man, he was able to grab one of the suspects’ gun and shoot one of the men. The victim/shooter was detained for questioning and a search warrant was requested on the property.

You read that correctly. In a group of three armed men, the intended victim disarmed one, stopped the robbery, routed his attackers, and killed a man in the process.

That’s some serious crisis-mode action, right there. I don’t know if I would want to try my luck against three armed attackers at point blank range armed, let alone unarmed. Those are some long odds. Yet here this guy is.

This situation sucks, no matter how you slice it, but here are a couple of easy things to do in the event this happens to you:

1. If you’re still in the car, and there’s no one in the house to be threatened by your absence, get out of there. Odds are very good you can leave much faster than they can react, and even if they did, the odds of them trying to light up a car because they’re frustrated they lost a quick buck are low. Then you can call the police, etc.

2. If you’re stuck outside your car and home, put yourself by a wall. The fewer ways multiple assailants have to surround you, the better a day you’re going to have.

3. Carry a firearm outside the home so you’re not unarmed when this all goes down.

Stay safe out there, folks.

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