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Man Assaults Home of Ex-Girlfriend in Midnight Attack, Gets Quick Trip to Hospital

WHITEHALL, OH — A woman and a man staying with her were surprised to find the woman’s ex-boyfriend storming into the house in the middle of the night earlier this month, 10TV reports.

Unfortunately for Taveon Fadis, the intruder, the man staying with his ex had a firearm with him — and he wasn’t afraid to use it to get an enraged threat out of the house.

Now there’s a reason that the man staying at the home, Lamar Collins, was carrying at the time: Fadis had aggravated burglary and domestic violence warrants for an incident that went down at the exact same place not too long ago.

The woman and Collins might have been surprised — but not too surprised.

According to 10TV:

According to Whitehall Police, 29-year-old Taveon Fadis, of Columbus, reportedly broke into his ex-girlfriend’s home in the 4000 block of Beechcreek Road around 2:30 a.m. According to police, 31-year-old Lamar Collins, who was in the home as well, fired a shot that struck Fadis. Fadis was taken to Grant Medical Center with at least one gunshot wound to his hip. He remains under guard at the hospital.

There were outstanding aggravated burglary and domestic violence warrants on file with the Franklin County Municipal Court for Fadis from a previous incident at the same home, according to police. Whitehall police say new charges for aggravated burglary and domestic violence will be filed from this incident.

Collins is not charged at this time, and this incident remains under investigation.

When someone enters a habit of abuse, they can get it into their head that there’s nothing on this earth that can stop them from expressing dominance over their intended victim. It’s often the only thing they care about, and murders often come as a result of this kind of behavior.

It’s an awful lot harder to victimize someone when they have friends and defensive tools, though.

Hopefully he’s learned his lesson.

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