2 Thugs Attempt to Strangle Cabbie, Hold Him at Knife-Point… Big Mistake


NEW BEDFORD, MA — The accomplice of a man shot dead my a Massachusetts concealed carrier is being held without bond after his capture, WBSM reports.

The pair of thugs tried to rob the cabbie they flagged down at knife-point, hoping that he’d just roll over. Unfortunately for them, they were both extremely forceful — not only did they present a deadly threat, but they handled him so roughly he really didn’t have a choice but to pull the trigger.

According to WBSM:

Kyle Dawson, 28, of 28 Bentley Street, Apt. 1, along with Christopher Dunton, 24, of New Bedford, allegedly tried to rob the cabbie at knifepoint in the early morning hours of Friday, August 10. The two men had hailed the cab on Cottage Street, and rode to Bentley Street in the North End. As the taxi came to a stop outside of Dawson’s home, Dunton allegedly placed the driver in a choke hold as the two men held a knife to the man and demanded money.

The Yellow Cab Company driver told police he was able to escape the choke hold and retreive his firearm in time to fire several shots into the back seat, fatally striking Dunton four times. Bristol County District Attorney Thomas Quinn says the driver has a license to carry a firearm, and the investigation is examining whether the shooting was in self-defense.

Dawson allegedly fled the scene and was captured shortly after noon on Friday. The driver suffered minor injuries during the attempted robbery. Dawson is charged with armed assault with intent to commit robbery and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. He is being held until a dangerousness hearing on August 20 in New Bedford District Court.

At the time of this report, there was no news on the court hearing.

I’ve known quite a few cab, Uber, and Lyft drivers. Of all of them, I think there was one that wasn’t armed every time they went out.

I thought that was common knowledge — but apparently not. Forgive me if I don’t cry too hard.

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