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Teenage Boy Defend Home From His Own Uncle With Hunting Rifle

ACKERMAN, MI — When a young teen was confronted by his own uncle, intent on threatening his life and hatchet in hand, and did what any of us would hope our children would have the presence of mind to do.

He grabbed his firearm and he defended his life.

He didn’t just grab the .22 from dad’s safe, though. He actually produced a .270 hunting rifle — hardly most folks’ first choice for home defense — and with one shot, he neutralized the man who reportedly constantly menaced his family.

As The Miami Herald reports:

Rachel Cork said her 16-year-old son, shot and killed her husband’s brother, Jerry Lee Robinson, in the chest with a rifle.

“Yeah, my son defended himself. It could have been the other way around. It could have been my son, I’m the one I’m picking up and having to bury, but it wasn’t.”

Her son was home alone when the shooting happened.

“I just had left to go to work and I took my daughter with me, so when I left to go to work, I probably wasn’t gone from my house, just right up the road, and I guess he come over here, and tried to break in on my son, and my son shot him.”

Choctaw County Chief Deputy Lee Upchurch says the teen got a .270 rifle.

Then Robinson, armed with a hatchet, made an aggressive move towards him at the front door… Deputies say Robinson made threats against the family just two weeks ago. He lives steps away from their home.

“If there’s something he can’t have, he would get mad, and so he would come and take it out on us.”

Now, I don’t wish that trauma on him, any teen, or anyone else for that matter.

However, it’s hard not to be glad for the entire family now that they won’t have a threat just feet away from their house.

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