*WATCH* Man Tries To Take Selfie With Bear, Is Mauled To Death As Bystanders Watch. If You Were There, And Armed, Would You Intervene?

There seems to be no limit as to the stupidity of people all over the world. The latest comes to us from India, and is a story about a man who found an injured bear and tried to take a selfie with it.

Long story short, the bear was having none of it and wound up mauling the man to death.

Prabhu Bhatara, who was returning with others from a wedding, spotted a wounded bear near the forest in eastern India on Wednesday. He decided to try to take a photograph with it despite his traveling companions warning him not to, the Hindustan Times reported.

It all went horribly wrong. The man got too close, and the bear attacked him, killing him.

Watch the video below, but we warn you that it’s graphic for some viewers:


Yes, it’s the age where people take video instead of helping. Some, however, were throwing rocks at the bear to try and distract it away from the man. It was no use.

This incident brings up a good question, and maybe it’s more of a moral question than anything:

If you were there, and armed, would you have stepped in to try and save the man after his stupid selfie-with-bear attempt? Would you try to shoot the bear? Would you shoot the ground? Would you shoot into the air? Would you take a selfie of the attack? Would you stand around and do nothing?

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