Correctional Officer Has A Negligent Discharge And Ends Up Shooting Himself And His 12-Year-Old Daughter

The last time I had a negligent discharge story, some people were commenting that “It was an accident, they happen.”

If those comments happen again, I’d like to tell you ahead of time that you need to change your thought process. There is no such thing as an accidental discharge of a firearm.

A correctional officer in Fairbanks, Alaska was visiting the physical therapist with his 12-year-old daughter who were both there for treatment.

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Before the man’s treatment began, he decided to remove his .40 caliber firearm from it’s holster and transfer it to his jacket pocket. When he did this, the firearm discharged. The bullet traveled through the man’s forearm, grazed his daughter’s right thigh and then planted itself in her left thigh.

Since he was removing his firearm from it’s holster, he was well aware that the trigger was now exposed. How the trigger was pulled is unknown, but it still happened.

The young girl was there for physical therapy to strengthen her thigh muscles after suffering an injury. It looks like she’ll be requiring even more because her father was not being responsible when handling his firearm.

I am certain that the father feels horribly about this incident, but I cannot go easy on him. The bottom line is that he should have known better, and he should have acted in a more responsible manner. Period.

Never, EVER, stop abiding by The 4 Rules of Gun Safety. All it takes is one time.

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