Burglar Sniffed Out of Closet and It’s The Last Thing He Did


GREENVILLE COUNTY, SC — When a South Carolina woman took her children to school late last month, she certainly didn’t expect to be confronted by a burglar when she got back.

She wasn’t really. She was just confronted by his smell.

Seriously. His smell was so… distinct? …that she moved to her car, grabbed her firearm stored there, re-entered the house, and engaged a burglar hiding in one of her closets.

As WSPA reports:

The Greenville County Sheriff’s Office said a resident arrived home Friday morning and found someone inside their home on Easterlin Way. Deputies say the resident fired at least one round before going outside to call law enforcement. Officers responding to a reported burglary at the home found the subject dead in a closet.

A family member of the resident tells 7News his niece arrived home after dropping her children off at school and smelled something strange. That’s when Douglas Sweeney said she went to her car for a gun that she legally carries, returned to her home and found a man in her closet. Sweeney said she shot the man after he lunged at her. Greenville County EMS units were called to the scene and pronounced the man dead.

Greenville County Coroner Kent Dill identified the man as Quentin Ramon Oliver, 34, of Central. Dill said Oliver died from a gunshot wound to the chest after what appeared to be a home invasion. His manner of death is considered a homicide.

And that, right there, is why one showers before going on a burglary and abstains from cologne the day of — it’s just not practical!

But seriously. Bad call. And it plus the completely insane choice to lunge at his armed challenger cost him his life.

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