UPS Driver Who Killed 3 In California Used Stolen Guns

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA — The man who opened fire on employees at a UPS center a few weeks ago, for reasons still unknown yet a targeted attack, had used stolen pistols to carry out his hideous act.

From Fairfield Citizen;

[The Shooter] was armed with two stolen weapons. One was an assault pistol that is illegal in California and was stolen in Utah, which he used in the killings, McEachern said. Lam also had a semi-automatic handgun stolen from Napa County, California.

The makes and models of the pistols are unknown, but I’ll go out on a limb here and say that the term ‘assault pistol’ is simply just thrown out there by the media. We know that California has a pretty short list of ‘CA LEGAL’ pistols, so their definition of an ‘assault pistol’ could simply be one that holds more than 5 rounds. Who knows, it’s California.

The takeaway from this story; it’s the same as always. If a person is determined to bring harm to others, they will find a way to do so. This man may have been on the short list of people prohibited from purchasing firearms, but it apparently didn’t stop him from getting his hands on two firearms.

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