‘Gun Free Zones’ Could Disappear In Washington

If Initiative 1621 receives enough signatures, it could appear on the November ballot in the state of Washington. The initiative would remove ‘gun free zones’ from school grounds which would allow licensed individuals to carry.

Local media reports;

It would apply to any “non-student” licensed to conceal carry a pistol.

Yes. That does mean teachers could carry a pistol, but they would have to follow a few requirements.

The initiative says school employees would be required to be trained in firearm safety and inform school administrators, like a principal, they plan to carry a firearm at school. Notifying a principal of plans to do so is only for awareness, not for permission according to the initiative. Of course, those employees would also have to be licensed to conceal carry.

259,000 signatures are required by the July 6th deadline and if that happens, it will appear on the ballot this November.

Carrying on school grounds is a hot topic, and has been for years, which is showing no signs of slowing down. Many like the idea of having armed and trained faculty and staff on school grounds to protect against the next school shooting, while others think that it’s an unnecessary and dangerous step.

We are all in favor of responsibly-armed folks on campus, and hope that the signatures are gathered to see this have a chance to come to fruition.

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