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Delaware Man Defends Himself From Armed Carjackers With His Concealed Handgun

NEW CASTLE, DELAWARE – An 80-year-old Delaware man survived an armed carjacking and the suspects have been charged with multiple felonies.

The armed citizen was looking for an item in his car when he noticed three black males approaching him and his vehicle. The men subtly made mention that at least one of them had a firearm and directed the armed citizen to exit the vehicle. The armed citizen, who possessed a concealed carry permit, opened fire on the men and they promptly drove off in the his vehicle.

The men then fled on foot after the vehicle was abandoned a short time after driving down the road.

Law enforcement was able to narrow down their search after a suspicious vehicle report came through and they located three males and two females exiting the vehicle. Officers arrived on the scene and the suspects began fleeing again.

A 15-year-old male suspect and 18-year-old female suspect were apprehended and identified at the police station following investigations. They were then able to link the two individuals to the carjacking of the original victim.

While the investigation is still ongoing, both suspects were arraigned in lieu of bail.

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