Two Incidents, Two Different Outcomes: Armed Citizen Thwarts Robbery, Robbers Then Kill Someone Across The Street

FORT WORTH, TEXAS — One man is dead and a woman injured after a series of events that included an armed citizen near a grocery store in Texas.

The incident began when a pair of armed thugs attempted to rob two men across the street from the grocery store. One of the two men was armed and drew his firearm on the suspects. That was enough to send them running away, but what happened next wasn’t foreseen by anyone, except possibly for the suspects.

Local media tells us what happened:

A short time later he said he heard gunshots, ran over to the store and found a man shot in the head and a woman who looked as if she’d  been beaten on the head and face with a gun.

An assistant store manager said two women were working at the store at the time of the robbery and that the man killed was the husband of one of those employees. Police say Huerta was concerned about his wife working late at night and was at the store to look out for her.

The suspects have not yet been caught, and took off immediately after the cold-blooded killing.

The man killed was identified as 26-year-old Raymond Huerta.

What likely happened was that the pair decided to try and rob the store, and Huerta stepped in to try and save his wife from the apparent beating that she was taking from one or both of the suspects. As a result, the man was shot and killed by these animals.

The man who drew his firearm on the suspects earlier should not place any blame on himself for not doing more, because he handled his situation perfectly. After he drew his firearm, the bad guys took off and were no longer a threat to him. No one could have known what was about to happen next, and it’s truly a shame that bad people like this exist.

It’s a testament to the powerful deterrence that firearms possess, and also to how destructive they can be when in the wrong hands.

We hope that these two low-lifes are captured soon, so that they’re swiftly brought to justice and can get what’s coming to them.

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