Concealed Carrier Takes Down Thug In Classified Ad Meeting


ST. Paul, MN — A man was shot and wounded by after making the unfortunate mistake of attempting to rob a permitted carrier in St. Paul last month, CBS Minnesota reports.

The thug tried to bait a potential buyer with an iPhone X, but when it came time to make the swap, things went quickly south.

If the buyer wasn’t a permitted concealed carrier, he might not be alive today.

As CBS Minnesota reports:

Police say a suspect is in custody after a permit-to-carry holder in St. Paul shot him during an armed robbery. According to St. Paul Police, it happened at around 5:30 p.m. Thursday on the 1100 block of Rice Street. Kendrick Johnterious Maddox, 18, had arranged to sell an iPhone X via Facebook and was meeting with the buyer. When the man was counting out the cash, police say Maddox pulled out a gun and took the money.

The permit-to-carry holder told police he feared for his safety, so he took out his weapon and shot Maddox in the foot, who then ran away. Police say later that evening Maddox arrived at Regions Hospital for medical help. After he was treated for his wounds, police took him into custody.

Classified ad purchases often lead to iffy scenarios. Facebook Marketplace meetups might be safer than something faceless like Craigslist, but it’s no guarantee of security.

When undergoing purchases like these, please be sure to carry your defensive tool, and meet in an area that you know, is well-populated, and is well-lit.

There is no need to make things any easier for would-be assailants than it needs to be, and it really doesn’t need to be easy at all.

And, for the record — Samsung all the way.

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