After Multiple Warnings, Homeowner Shoots Man Trying To Enter Wrong Home

PEARL, MISSISSIPPI — At all times, we should be in control of our actions and our bodies. This applies to being in control when consuming alcohol. If, however, you’re not in control, you should know this ahead of time and drink your drinks in your happy and safe place. Like, your own house.

According to Lieutenant Brian McGairty, around 10 p.m., the homeowner shot a 38-year-old man who was attempting to enter his home.

The homeowner told police he gave multiple warnings before shooting.

Police believe the 38-year-old man was intoxicated.

Whether the man was walking home from the bar, just dropped off by Uber or simply passing by, it can be a dangerous situation when you try getting into the wrong home. Of course this seems like an honest mistake, but tell that to a person inside their home at 10 pm when they hear you trying to get inside.

There are ways to assess a threat such as this, but I can’t really comment on this particular case because the details of what actually happened are not immediately available.

Always use your best judgement if something like this ever comes your way.

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