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Man Opens Fire Inside McDonald’s, Armed Father Shoots And Kills Him In An Instant, Saving Children And Employees

BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA — A father at McDonald’s with his two children was forced to use his firearm to save countless lives after a masked man barged into the restaurant and opened fire.

The suspect was shot dead by the father. Before he was taken down, he managed to shoot both the father and one of the children.

Both the child and father received non-life threatening injuries.

As a side note, this CBS affiliate got something terribly wrong while reporting on this incident:

Investigators are not clear whether the victim was robbing the store or targeting someone in the business.

Calling the armed and masked man a victim is an insult to actual victims everywhere. If we exchange the word ‘victim’ with ‘criminal’, ‘gunman’, ‘thug’, and so on, it’d be a much better description.

A story like this makes us proud of every single American that carries a firearm to defend themselves and the ones they love. Had this father not been armed, he could be attending his child’s funeral. Instead, he and his son can recover with their family and move ahead with their lives.

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