Iowa Homeowner Shoots Intruder, Who Now Likely Regrets His Bad Life Choices


PERRY, IOWA — On a mid-March Sunday evening in Iowa, a homeowner did “what he had to do” to defend his family.

According to local law enforcement, 22-year-old Hunter Keasey was the unfortunate person who found himself suffering from gunshot wounds after attempting to break into a Perry, Iowa suburban home.

The incident occurred around 10:48 pm. Once officers arrived on scene, they saw Keasey suffering, and investigators determined that the homeowner shot him multiple times in defense of his family. The criminal was airlifted to a hospital in Des Moines and treated for his injuries, then released into police custody on charges of third-degree burglary, fourth-degree criminal mischief, and simple assault.

The homeowner was not charged with any crime, nor did he know Keasey before he tried to break into his home.


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